10 top reasons for owning a bean bag

This summer we became the proud owners of our very own purple giant indoor outdoor purple bean bag and I honestly can not imagine our life without it now.  It’s weird how it has become part of the furniture in our living room now and not only that, but we have used it for so many things. So I thought I would share my top 10 reasons for owning a bean bag.

1) It makes a great alternative to a mattress.

Bean Bags make fabulous mattresses and whether this is for a kids sleepovers, when a mate has had too much to drink and needs to stop over or even when your kids beg you to sleep out in the tent with them. Our giant bean bag has been used for all of the above.

2) It is the perfect place to snuggle for a story

Having two kids means my lap is not big enough for both of them so being able to sit on the bean bag for a cuddle with both of them whilst reading a book is a real bonus.

3) A sun lounger

As our giant bean bag is an indoor outdoor one I have been known to take it into the garden when the sun is shining and chill out catching some rays.

4) A gaming chair

When playing computer games I need to be comfy and my favourite seat in the house to play games in is the bean bag as I can mould it how I want it.

5) The perfect place to sleep when you have a cough

A few weeks ago Alison had a dreadful cough which meant she couldnt lie flat without coughing and waking up, the bean bag was the perfect sleeping place as she could be propped at an angle and still be comfy enough to fall asleep.

6) A crash mat

Both my kids can get a bit excited and like to practice gymnastics in the house, They use this as a landing mat as they try to perfect their hand stands.

7) The perfect desk

I work on my sofa with the laptop on my knee a lot but I find that I dont have the correct support in my back. Occassionally I take to the bean bag to support my back and get loads of work done.

8) Extra seating when required

Having a giant bean bag is like having magic seating, all of a sudden you can fit so many more people on comfy seats. This is great for get togethers and parties.

9) They look fabulous

Ok so the big purple one I own isnt overly amazing to look at (although it is in my favourite colour) but you can get some amazing ones that really add value to a room and can make a huge difference to the overall asthetics.

10) My Chill Out Zone

When no one else is in the house I like to turn the lights down low, light a candle and get my kindle out for the ultimate relaxing hour on my bean bag. I don’t think anything is quite as supportive and comfortable.

So there you have it my top ten reasons for owning a bean bag, written from the comfort of my bean bag!