10 things I realised are really hard with only one hand

Ok so I have fractured my scaphoid which is not only excruciating but really inconvenient. I have never realised how much I use my left hand before. I touch type for a start so that makes being one handed quite hard but its the smaller things that have been irritating me the most. So I decided to share with you the top 10 things I have struggled with in the last 24 hours.

1) Putting on or taking off my bra
2) opening cans with a tin opener
3) doing up school shirt buttons
4) putting on my boots
5) changing gear whilst driving
6) holding my phone whilst trying to type 
7) putting my socks on
8) washing or brushing my hair
9) squeezing toothpaste on to my toothbrush
10) Sleep!

So pretty much everything I have tried to do. However it has increased my productivity in that I have done loads of things I have been meaning to do for ages so thats one positive to come out of this. Now if only I could keep the productivity and have two working hands life would be awesome.